Meat CSA

Add an organic, pasture-raised meat CSA to your vegetable CSA Farm Share! An Elmwood Stock Farm Meat CSA offers you first choice of our grass-fed beef and lamb and our pasture-raised chicken, turkey and pork.

An Elmwood Stock Farm Meat CSA Share allows you to source organic, pasture-raised, locally produced meats from farmers you know. It’s convenient to have your meats delivered alongside your vegetables; and you have priority over non-CSA customers for these cuts of meat.

Meat CSA shares are delivered along with your vegetable CSA, every week during the Summer CSA season and on a biweekly schedule for the Fall and Winter CSA seasons. Fall CSA Meat shares are Sold Out.

Meat CSA Options

  • Surprise Bag Meat Share: Receive farm choice of frozen, organic meat that includes a variety of grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chicken, turkey and pork throughout the season. 
  • Choose My Own Meat Share, Regular Size or Family Size: You choose the cuts and variety of meat delivered with each CSA share when you log in to your online account each week.

Read the About CSA page for more on how your Elmwood Stock Farm CSA Farm share works.