Do you have your “Top Ten”?

September 23-29, 2019 Thank you for consistently picking up your CSA goodies each week this summer, hopefully you have developed a taste for eating well. The very nature of the CSA shareholder program is sharing the bounty and risk of food security. Your financial investment in Elmwood Stock Farm in the first part of the […]

The Heart of the Commonwealth

September 16-22, 2019 The genesis of these writings was watching people I know and love making lousy food choices, which in turn has an impact on our community, our state, even our Big Blue Nation. Consuming industrial foods harms the planet, which includes harm to you, your housemates, extended family, and neighbors. Eating foods raised […]

Farming Through a Hurricane

September 9-15, 2019 I can only imagine the incredible amount of preparation and work needed to batten down the farming hatches ahead of an approaching hurricane. We have persevered through ice storms, tremendous tree-ripping thunderstorms, and sub-zero spells, but nothing like a hurricane. I’m sure each generation of farmers along the Carolina coast has their […]

If Not for the Planet, Do it for Yourself

September 2-8, 2019 Saving the planet one bite at a time is a pretty tall order, so we better get started. You’ve most likely made the decision to stop contributing to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. I suspect you don’t want to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and I know that you would rather […]