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Flower CSA

Our Flower Shares are one of the highlights of the summer CSA program and a joy of the season! Limited in supply, we offer weekly farm-grown handcrafted flower bouquets. Secure your Elmwood Stock Farm Flower Share when you register for the Vegetable Share. Farm choice on variety and makeup as our blooms change throughout the year.

Our Flower Shares are quite popular and one of the first shares to sell out! We offer farm-grown handcrafted flower bouquets each week of the 20-week summer season: All flowers are grown with organic methods, hand harvested, hand-tied, and arranged into a designer bouquet for your immediate enjoyment. 

Flower Shares available as an add-on to a Vegetable Share. Our varieties of flowers change each week depending on the time of the year. Farm choice on variety and makeup and color theme.