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Farm Tours

Traditions at Elmwood Stock Farm:
2022 Farm Tours

Part of our responsibility at Elmwood Stock Farm is to educate our community as to why we choose to produce food in a regenerative, holistic system. Designed to educate adults and children alike about how food gets from the farm to your plate, our farm tours look at biological principles behind organic farming and the importance of understanding where your food comes from. 

Each tour lasts two hours and offers a view of our farming system as a whole. Depending on the season and the weather, this might include greenhouse production systems, pastured poultry and pigs, grass-fed cattle and sheep, vegetable growing, soil building, and beneficial insects. Together, we will traipse through the fields, gaze up into the sprawling old oak trees, inspect the soil, and discover the many sights and sounds (and smells!) of Mother Nature at work.

Tours are held rain or shine, except in the event of severe weather. Masking is optional and social distancing is requested.

Farm tour tickets must be purchased ahead of time. (Links to upcoming tours are below.) Children under the age of 12 receive complimentary tickets when attending with an adult, contact the farm.

Elmwood Stock Farm CSA members should register and purchase at least one ticket, and then can add the rest of the family at no charge by contacting the farm directly. After attending the tour, the value of the purchased tour ticket will then be credited to the CSA member account to use for purchasing extra items throughout the season.