At Elmwood Stock Farm, we take farming seriously. There are many moving parts to our business—it is a business, not just a farm—and it takes the right people to keep those parts operating smoothly.

Prior farm experience is not a prerequisite to employment in every position at Elmwood Stock Farm, but a willingness to learn and accept direction, to be forward thinking and communicative, and to work hard are necessary. All of our jobs call for attention to detail, plus a dedication to top-quality and safe food-production and organic-farming standards. Most positions also require a customer-service mindset and people skills. You probably already know that actual farm work is physically demanding but may be surprised to learn that even just going to farmers markets and moving boxes for deliveries requires physical work.

Applications accepted year-round.

Before we consider you for employment, we need to know that you are willing and able to:
• Work efficiently and attentively with an eye for detail, every workday, even on those days when you are not feeling all that speedy.
• Take care when handling each vegetable, bag and box to maintain Elmwood Stock Farm’s high quality standards. This is what keeps our customers coming back week after week and year after year.
• Work in rain and sun, heat and cold. The vegetables don’t stop growing when the weather is less than ideal, animals still need to be cared for, and our customers don’t stop buying.
• Give your best effort and be reliable.
• Enjoy your work and maintain a pleasant attitude.

Benefits of working at Elmwood Stock Farm in addition to wages include:

• Paid Time Off including some holidays.

• Health Insurance and Retirement for full-time employees.

• Home-cooked mid-day meal daily.

• Access to organic produce from the farm, as available.

• Discounted purchase of organic meats, eggs and value-added products.

• Opportunities for continuing education. 

Interested? Please complete this Elmwood Stock Farm application online.

Immediate opening July 2022: 


Opening will be mid-August, apply now!  


Contact us if you have any questions. You can also submit a resume here to go with your application.