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Vegetable CSA

early spring CSA share

Receive first choice of everything we produce, harvested at peak of ripeness for the highest nutrition and flavor, with a Vegetable CSA Farm Share. Your CSA share is customizable, so you get the vegetables you prefer with each delivery! 

Your Elmwood Stock Farm Vegetable CSA Farm Share ensures you’ll receive first choice of everything we produce—regardless of what may be happening at the grocery store or elsewhere in our fragile food system—harvested at peak of ripeness for the highest nutrition and flavor. All items in your CSA Farm Share are grown at Elmwood Stock Farm, just outside Georgetown, Ky., and all are USDA Certified Organic. 

Elmwood Stock Farm’s CSA Farm Share is fully customizable! Choose what you want to receive each week by logging in to your online account and making your selections. Here, you can also purchase additional vegetables, meats or eggs; skip a week; or carry over some of the value of your share for a future week.

Read about Summer and Fall Vegetable CSA Farm Share options below. 

Winter/Spring 2024 CSA Vegetable Share

This season runs from January into May and is full of leafy greens, root vegetables, stored winter squashes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and several surprises! You can also add to your vegetable share with a meat share or an egg share, delivered with your vegetable share.

Contact the farm to get details on pricing, pickup, and home delivery.

CSA shares
Pictured: A Regular Summer CSA Farm Share and a Mini Summer CSA Farm Share

Summer CSA Vegetable Share 

Summer CSA Shares are offered weekly from late May to October (20 distributions.)

The variety and bounty of seasonal vegetable offerings varies throughout the season. At the beginning of the Summer CSA season, quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on salad, cooking greens, strawberries and spring veggies. Toward the middle of the season, quantities are more bountiful as tomatoes, beans and summer squash come in. By fall, the range of vegetables changes yet again, trending back toward cool-weather crops, such as broccoli, fall squash and root vegetables. View the Vegetable Availability Chart to see what’s in season and what crops you might find in your CSA share.

Three sizes of vegetable shares are available: 

  • Mini: Designed for single adults or couples who eat out often. This smallest-size CSA share contains a variety of vegetables and fruits each week but is intended to never overwhelm your refrigerator. It’s a good introduction to a CSA Farm Share and new-to-you vegetables.
  • Regular: Designed to provide a couple or a small household most of their weekly vegetable needs. You’ll receive a larger variety and quantity of vegetables than with the mini share.
  • Robust: Designed for a larger family or plant-based household, a Robust CSA Farm Share covers most of your weekly vegetable needs. This size generally contains the same variety of vegetables and fruits as a Regular CSA Farm Share but in larger amounts.

You can also add to your vegetable share with a meat share, an egg share, a pantry share, or a flower share delivered with your vegetable share.

Read the About CSA page for more on how your Elmwood Stock Farm CSA Farm share works.