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Elmwood Stock Farm is a sixth-generation family farm situated on nearly 400 acres just outside Georgetown, Kentucky. A USDA certified organic operation, Elmwood Stock Farm produces wholesome vegetables, fruits, pantry items, pasture-raised poultry and pork, and grass-fed, grass-finished beef and lamb for direct sales to customers through the CSA Farm Share and online store, as well as for wholesale and restaurant accounts.

The family’s farming experience and integrity began with Cecil D. and Clara Bell at Bel-Clair Farm, near the old Lemons Mill, also in Scott County. Their farmstead, typical of many in the 1930s and 1940s, supported a family dairy cow, barnyard chickens, varieties of crops and multiple livestock, working the fields using horses and mules, and eventually a tractor.

Today, farm owners, Cecil and Kay Bell, reside at Elmwood Stock Farm. Cecil still helps out with his Black Angus cattle herd, and Kay likes to make dessert for the farm crew. Cecil and Kay’s son, John Bell, oversees all of the vegetable production, partners in the Wagyu-Angus cattle herd, and raises pastured Berkshire pigs. He and his wife, Melissa Bell, are also bringing up the young, seventh generation of family farmers. Cecil and Kay’s daughter, Ann Bell Stone, and her husband, Mac Stone, manage the CSA Farm Share, product marketing, and poultry and sheep flocks.

View Elmwood Stock Farm’s organic certification, issued by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.