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Options include specialty meat cuts, meat bundles, pantry item gift bags, or new farm gear.


Add on Elmwood Stock Farm’s certified-organic eggs to your Vegetable CSA Farm Share!

Eggs shares are available by the half-dozen and dozen for Summer, Fall, and Winter CSA seasons. Your egg share is delivered along with your CSA Farm Share. 

During times when our egg supply is not abundant, such as when the summer heat causes the hens to reduce their laying frequency, having an Egg CSA guarantees that you’ll receive eggs before they are offered to other customers.

These eggs come from Elmwood Stock Farm’s laying hens, which live outdoors on organic pasture, enjoy fresh air and sunshine, forage on green grass and clover, and eat wholesome, organic, non-GMO grains. 

Read the About CSA page for more on how your Elmwood Stock Farm CSA Farm share works.