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2020: Whoever Would Have Thought

Whoever would have thought, nine weeks before the longest day of the year, we would have to engineer a way to protect sensitive summer crops from freezing wintry weather? Whoever would have thought that Ann and I would retire from going to the farmers market? It was financially unthinkable and personally unfathomable. Whoever would have […]

2021: A Year of Good Eating

Looking up from a busy, busy year of farm work, we’re happy to see 2021 on the horizon! This week, Elmwood Stock Farm staff is commenting on their food goals for the new year. Here’s what we’re looking forward to cooking and eating into 2021: Fermentation is on the minds of several folks here. Mackenzie […]

The Arrival of Meteorological Winter

A 2-inch snowfall on the last day of November kicked us into meteorological winter with a bang. Could be a harbinger of things to come or the biggest snow all year—no telling. I understand why the center of a roast or turkey keeps getting hotter after it comes out of the oven but not why […]

Sweet Sweet Potatoes

One of the more than 35 seasonal, organic vegetable options available at Elmwood Stock Farm right now is our sweet potatoes. To set the record straight, yams are not sweet potatoes. We do not grow yams in this country. They are a starchy subtropical tuber—a staple in parts of Africa and South America. Some yams […]

Small Business Saturday

In this season of giving and sharing, we want to spread the love to other small-scale farmers, food producers and organizations who we think you should get to know. Please learn about our friends, below, and show them your support, if you can. AMEN House. This small nonprofit offers food, clothing and financial assistance to […]

Your All-Organic Thanksgiving

We are honored, humbled and motivated to think of how many of you will be sharing some of the food we raise with your friends and family over the next few weeks. Our turkeys will grace the tables of family celebrations not just across the Bluegrass but across the country! At this year’s intimate gathering, […]

This Bird’s For You

We hatched out about 225 Narragansett turkey poults at Elmwood Stock Farm this spring, the eggs gathered from our breeding flock. Some of our toms and hens have been with us for six or eight years, yet each year we hold back the best of the best, to bring young stock into our flock. These […]

Instinctive Behavior

When we open the portable net fencing to move our poultry to fresh pasture, turkeys move across the field in a terrestrial murmuration, whereas the chickens scatter, every hen for herself. Same pasture, same fencing, similar feed, same waterer, similar shelters, very different behaviors. The turkeys seem to have a collective brain, the chickens are […]

The Little Beans That Could

By all rights, the green, purple, yellow and dragon tongue stringless beans in the driveway field should be black and withered from last weekend’s frosty nights. As should the tomatoes on the other side of the drive. After all, we hit 34 degrees two nights in a row. The basil, smartweed and Johnsongrass all got […]

Beef: Less is More

More calves are born in Kentucky every year than in any other state east of the Mississippi River. Elmwood Stock Farm contributes about 60 of those. Twenty years ago, 99 percent of Kentucky-born calves were loaded onto trucks and taken to a feedlot somewhere in the Midwest at weaning. The other 1 percent of Kentucky-born […]