The Best Eggs in the World

The chickens are happy, the eggs are good for you, and no chemicals were released into the environment in their making. Read about how laying hens are kept on pasture at Elmwood Stock Farm.

Meet Your Family Farmers

You read in this space about how your food is grown, but rarely do you get to know the people behind your food. Ann Bell Stone, John Bell and Mac Stone are the managers of the sixth-generation Elmwood Stock Farm, leading teams of field crew, delivery drivers, farmers market employees and office staff.

Experience Wagyu-Angus Beef

We’re excited to announce that all of the beef that you receive from Elmwood Stock Farm is now Wagyu-Angus beef—still 100% grass-fed, dry-aged, USDA Choice grade, organic and born on this family farm just outside Georgetown, Kentucky. This cross has been in the making for years to improve the beef quality, specifically the marbling, which gives beef its taste and texture.

Top Tips for Veggie Storage

A top question we’re asked is not how to cook an item but how to store it for maximum freshness. Here, we offer our top tips for keeping your spring vegetable purchases in fresh condition.