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The New Way to CSA: A Look Back

Nowadays, we tuck shareholder-customized shares—packing lists generated for us by computer—into cabbage boxes and neatly stack them in air-conditioned delivery vans. We offer our thanks to the early adopters of Elmwood Stock Farm’s CSA Farm Share subscription model for sticking with us while we adapted to better systems for everybody.

Packaging’s Next Best Life

Thanks to many of you in the Elmwood Stock Farm community who offered feedback about our packaging update! As promised, here’s a follow up with some ideas on how you can give packaging its best next life when it comes to your door. “I reuse or recycle all my Elmwood Stock Farm bags. The CSA […]

Get Onboard for the CSA Farm Share

The chuckwagon is loading up for the trek through the next growing season out on the banks of the Elkhorn Creek. Now’s the time to get onboard. We are starting seeds and organizing plant starts. Our protein harvest schedule is set for 2021, as well. Speculating supply and demand is a bit unnerving in a […]

Beef As Beef Was Meant To Be

With many of us spending more time in the kitchen than ever before, there are also more questions about how this food came to be. Has this spinach been in a box or warehouse somewhere for a week, or was it harvested fresh on a farm nearby? Similarly—and the point of this article—is this burger […]

Home-Team Advantage

My dad was not enamored with the grandiose consolidated high school that sprang up in a cornfield at the transect of three or four towns that were losing their hometown high school identity. Most everybody else was excited about new technologies and the efficiency at which they could steer kids through high school. That was […]

2020: Whoever Would Have Thought

Whoever would have thought, nine weeks before the longest day of the year, we would have to engineer a way to protect sensitive summer crops from freezing wintry weather? Whoever would have thought that Ann and I would retire from going to the farmers market? It was financially unthinkable and personally unfathomable. Whoever would have […]

This Bird’s For You

We hatched out about 225 Narragansett turkey poults at Elmwood Stock Farm this spring, the eggs gathered from our breeding flock. Some of our toms and hens have been with us for six or eight years, yet each year we hold back the best of the best, to bring young stock into our flock. These […]

Beef: Less is More

More calves are born in Kentucky every year than in any other state east of the Mississippi River. Elmwood Stock Farm contributes about 60 of those. Twenty years ago, 99 percent of Kentucky-born calves were loaded onto trucks and taken to a feedlot somewhere in the Midwest at weaning. The other 1 percent of Kentucky-born […]

Turkey Season

The noticeably shorter days post-equinox lead me to think about fall holidays and our turkeys, as they’re nearly ready for harvest, and we’re already taking your preorders on the Elmwood Stock Farm website. The general scope of this year’s flock was decided before the pandemic settled upon us. This population goal was based on a […]

Eat Like Your Farmer

At Elmwood Stock Farm right now, we are aggressively sowing lettuce, spinach and cooking greens in an attempt to have them available well into winter—if not early spring. We regularly check on the sweet potatoes and fall squash in the fields. We tend to the intensive greens-production beds daily. At this point, I’m feeling pretty […]