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Elmwood Stock Farm Wagyu-Angus Beef Sampler

We often advise people to try three cuts of meat when trying certified organic, 100% grass-fed Elmwood Stock Farm Wagyu/Angus beef for the first time: steak, roasts, and ground beef. By trying all three of these cuts, you get a well-rounded sample before considering our larger beef bundles.

We have designed this sampler packs to fit snugly in an insulated shipping cooler. All meat can be delivered to your door, or you can pick up Elmwood Stock Farm’s sampler pack at any of the local pickup options.

Elmwood Stock Farm Beef Sampler Includes:

  • 1 Chuck/Shoulder Roast (approx. 3.0 lb pack)
  • 3 lbs. Ground Round (1 lb packs)
  • 1 Pack Stew/Kabob (0.7)
  • 1 pack NY Strip Steak (0.9 lb pack)



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