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Sausage Sampler

Sample some of Elmwood Stock Farm’s delicious sausages, made with all organic, grass-fed Wagyu-Angus beef, or organic, pasture-raised turkey! We’re pleased to be able to offer a selection of these sausages. As  you probably know, many sausage types are hard to find crafted from local and organic meats.

Sausage Sampler Includes:

  • Beef Mild Italian Sausage: 2 packs, 5 links/pack
  • Beef Merguez Sausage: 1 pack, 5 links/pack
  • Beef Hot Italian Sausage: 1 packs, 5 links/pack
  • Hot Ground Turkey Sausage: 2 packs, 1.0 lb each


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