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Organic, Pasture-Raised Chicken

broiler chickens on pasture
chicken tractor

Elmwood Stock Farm’s certified organic, pasture-raised chicken is the result of a commitment to doing things the right way—not the fast way, nor the cheap way. Our success is measured by the taste and nutritional benefits of the chicken we offer to you, and we think you’ll agree that we’ve hit our mark when you experience the best-tasting chicken you’ll find anywhere.

Elmwood Stock Farm’s chickens are raised outdoors on pasture, which provides a diet enriched by forages, fresh air, exercise and sunlight. “Pastured poultry” is raised the old-fashioned way, on fresh, green pastures supplemented with wholesome, organic grains, rather than in a crowded, enclosed building. 

We have both broiler chickens for meat and laying hens for eggs. We like to say the broilers and layers are both chickens in the way that butternut and zucchini are both squash. They behave and have needs that are quite different from one another!

The broiler’s chicken tractors—moveable outdoor pens—are closed up to protect against predators at night and opened during the day so the chickens can roam the pasture within an electric-net fence, which protects them from wildlife. The chicken tractors and fencing are moved every day so the chickens can continue to access fresh pasture and fertilize our fields.

Elmwood Stock Farm’s chicken is USDA certified organic. Not only is Elmwood Stock Farm’s chicken raised free from any synthetic inputs, additives or stimulants, but we also follow all of the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program standards.

We think it’s true that you are what you eat and—in this case—you are what what-you-eat eats. All of the chicken feed is certified organic, meaning it is free from antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, chemical pesticides and herbicides, and animal by-products. 

Our pastures, too, are certified organic, so there are no GMO seeds or synthetic chemicals applied, and we follow—and exceed—organic animal-welfare guidelines. Our organic certification means a third party has verified that we’re following all the standards.