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A Love Letter to Tomatoes

Summer veggies (or should we say fruits) are something special here in Kentucky. They’re here and gone in a flash and we savor every moment that we can to enjoy them at their peak of freshness.

At the top of our list are, perhaps unsurprisingly, tomatoes. Allow us to wax poetic briefly here; there’s just a certain kind of magic when you pick and smell a fresh summer tomato that can’t be replicated. Not to mention that it seems as though the expression “eating the rainbow” was created with tomatoes in mind.

We grow quite a few varieties of tomatoes here on our farm, many of which you may not immediately recognize. Tigerella is a firm favorite, named for its distinct and unique tiger striped pattern. The Cherokee Purple is another visual stunner with its dusky rose color and large size. Then there’s the more familiar San Marzano from the plum tomato family which is a staple in traditional Italian cooking. We also have the Black Krim with their green, black and deep red hues and a rich flavor best enjoyed raw. There are far more to mention than we have space for here but we invite you to visit us at the farm store or the farmers market and get to know them more in person. In fact, we prefer it if you don’t have your heart set on a particular variety. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can suggest a variety that would match well with the flavor profile you’re seeking. Cecil Bell, the patriarch of the farm, has a particular affinity for our black and purple heirloom tomatoes and will only fix burgers when they’re at their prime – we make sure to leave a few of the bun sized ones for him.

With heirloom tomatoes we find that simple is better when it comes to serving. Once ripe, we slice and sprinkle with good quality sea salt and cracked pepper. Sometimes if we’re feeling a little fancy we will drizzle on a creamy blue cheese dressing. Other times we will toss with some of our lettuce, spinach, arugula, for a low key yet delicious summer dinner.

If you’re looking to try some of our tomatoes for yourself you have a few different options. You can become a part of our Summer CSA, visit us at the farmers market, or even order online for local delivery or pickup at the farm store or the farmers market. 

We can’t wait for you to enjoy some of our most favorite summer treats in all their glory!

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