Mid-Summer 2021 Veggie Update

With the warm weather crops well on their way, we have a sense of how the season is shaping up. With more than 25 years of growing vegetables and 21 years of organic certification under our belt, the list of crops we focus on has matured, taking the longer view of what is good for […]

Meet Your Family Farmers

You read in this space about how your food is grown, but rarely do you get to know the people behind your food. Ann Bell Stone, John Bell and Mac Stone are the managers of the sixth-generation Elmwood Stock Farm, leading teams of field crew, delivery drivers, farmers market employees and office staff.

Top Tips for Veggie Storage

A top question we’re asked is not how to cook an item but how to store it for maximum freshness. Here, we offer our top tips for keeping your spring vegetable purchases in fresh condition.

Behind the Scenes Farm Tours

Part of our responsibility at Elmwood Stock Farm is to educate our community as to why we choose to produce food in a regenerative, holistic system. The past year has made it difficult to gather, and we are so happy to offer in-person farm tours again. The next Behind the Scenes at Elmwood Stock Farm Tour is Saturday, June 12!

Egg Season 2021

We have often heard customers say the organic eggs from the store are not as flavorful as Elmwood Stock Farm eggs. Our birds live on pasture, not just have access to pasture. It seems chickens that live on pasture eat more grass and clover and insects, and this not only meets the organic regulatory requirements but also imparts real flavor to the eggs.

Take Us With You When You Go

We’re excited to now offer meat shipments all over the contiguous US! We’ve done it with our organic, heritage-breed Thanksgiving turkey for years now, and thanks to the magic of all things online, everything in the new Shipping Items section of the farm’s online store can hop a plane and be at your destination the next day.

Mac’s Organic Evolution

This week’s article from Mac is something you may have read before. In honor of Earth Day, we’re revisiting how Mac came to be an organic farming proponent.

The New Way to CSA: A Look Back

Nowadays, we tuck shareholder-customized shares—packing lists generated for us by computer—into cabbage boxes and neatly stack them in air-conditioned delivery vans. We offer our thanks to the early adopters of Elmwood Stock Farm’s CSA Farm Share subscription model for sticking with us while we adapted to better systems for everybody.

The Soil & the Stars & the Spring Equinox

We are looking forward to the spring equinox on Saturday, when the earth tilts enough for the sun to be coming our way again. With it will come more chances to grow more vegetables, in due time.

How to Cook Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef

We talk about Elmwood Stock Farm’s beef as “organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, dry-aged, USDA Choice grade, Angus-Wagyu beef.” This is a mouthful, and every detail is important! That the beef you purchase from us is grass-fed and grass-finished is surprising to many, as it actually has more flavor, tenderness and moisture than you might expect.  Here, […]