You Are What You Eat

If you’ve met me even once you’ve probably had the pleasure of hearing me pepper this phrase in our conversation. I admit that I have a tendency to wax poetic on this topic but it’s been a little while since I’ve covered it in some kind of depth so I figured that now would be […]

What Does It Mean to Be Grass-Fed and Finished?

Earlier this year we answered the often-asked question of “what makes your beef so special?” and today we’ll be expanding on that and addressing what it means for our livestock to be grass-fed and grass-finished. First, a clarification. Grass, in the form of pasture and naturally growing forages and/or hay in the winter months, is […]

Why You’ll Love Eating Local

You’ve likely heard the advice to “eat like a local” when it comes to traveling somewhere new but what about right in your own backyard? Turns out that it still rings true, even when at home. Shopping at and eating food supplied by national retailers can be a convenient choice and one that may be […]

The Right Way, Not the Fast Way

As farmers who are committed to raising livestock using certified organic practices and regenerative agriculture, we know that this work doesn’t always come easy. Everything we do is to better the land and our livestock are integral to this in their ability to replenish the soil naturally through rotational grazing. As they are rotated from […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When we think of Mother’s Day we can’t help but immediately think of someone we celebrate each and every day here on the farm – Mother Earth! This year we invite you to join us in a showcase of all her natural splendors in the form of our upcoming farm tour as well as gifts […]

Our Farm Store Favorites

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a crop (pun intended) of new visitors to our new-and-improved farm store and are excited to welcome even more as the weather starts to warm up. That’s why we wanted to share our current farm store favorites with you – remember, you’re welcome to stop by and shop […]

Meet Ann!

We love getting to share with you about how your food is grown and raised but we figured we’d also share a bit more about the people who behind it all – our team! First up is Ann Stone, one of our farm managers! Along with her sibling John Bell, she grew up at Elmwood […]

The Benefits of Becoming a CSA Member – And a New Recipe!

One thing we never get sick of sharing with our food and farm family is our love of CSA. By becoming a member not only do you help invest in our farm’s future and assure we can provide delicious and wholesome organic food for generations to come but you also get first pick of our […]

Pork is Back in Stock!

If you’ve been waiting for more of our Berkshire pork, you’re in luck! We just did a big restock with plenty of bacon, chops and more, including hams for Easter ready for shipping or pick up.   Compared to our beef and produce, our Berkshire pork is a relatively new offering. It all started back […]

Our Better for the Planet Beef

“Leave the world better than you found it” is a phrase I’m no stranger to, especially through my exploration and adoption of organic farming over the years. When I take visitors to the farm on a tour, our first stop is an empty field. I explain to them that this is our “solar powered hamburger […]