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Happy CSA Week!

CSA week is here again! Our CSA program has been going strong for 20+ years now and we’re incredibly grateful for our shareholders each and every day. From forty-five members the first year to the many hundreds today, our shareholders’ monetary contributions help us plan ahead for the coming harvest and allow us to grow […]

The Dangers of Today’s Industrialized Food System

Since a thirst for knowledge seems to be part of what makes us human, let’s look at where we are at the moment. Since Cyrus McCormick started strapping industrial equipment onto steel wheels in the 1830s, the advances in industrialization of our nation’s food supply have become something Cyrus could never have dreamed of.  Scientific […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a fresh and bountiful way to share the love this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than our special Valentine’s Day bundles, each one gift wrapped with a card and featuring our 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised and organic meat – plus, they’re all under $100! Breakfast in Bed Bundle This breakfast bundle is pure indulgence […]

Attending the 2024 OAK Conference

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to attend this year’s Annual Farming Conference, put on by the Organic Association of Kentucky or OAK as we like to call them. The annual conference brings together organic farmers and food advocates from all across Kentucky to talk shop, share ideas and resources and […]

Greens Mean Go This Season

We know, we know: you’ve probably been told to eat your greens many times before. But we bet you didn’t know just how tasty they could be and luckily this is a great season to sample them! Leafy greens in particular are known for being nutritional powerhouses, rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and […]

SPRING Into Healthy Eating with our Winter/Spring CSA

One of our very favorite ways of connecting with our customers is through our CSA program which has been going 20+ years strong! Our 2024 Winter/Spring CSA season promises to be a bountiful one. Starting the week of January 15 and going into May, weekly shares will include potatoes and sweet potatoes, root vegetables, winter […]

Food for the Greater Good

Treeline and crop field at Elmwood Stock Farm

A new year brings with it a wealth of new opportunities and we love being able to continue to grow and keep things fresh for our food and farm family. But one thing that remains constant year after year is our commitment to regenerative agriculture. With regenerative agriculture we work with the land and not […]

Meet Charles!

We love getting to share with you about how your food is grown and raised but we figured we’d also share a bit more about the people who are behind it all – our team! Next in our series is Charles! Before coming to work here at Elmwood he was an executive chef for James […]

The Sweetest Season

It’s no surprise that sweet potatoes really live up to their name. They’re one of our favorite and most popular organic vegetables that we grow and are highly sought after once they come into season. But not many folks realize that the sweet reward of a sweet potato comes with many months of careful planning […]

What It Means to Be Organic

If you’ve ever looked around your local grocery store you’ve likely noticed specific sections and products labeled “organic.” And, understandably, you may have wondered why and more importantly what that word really means. When you think of the word organic, or at least when I do, what comes to mind the most is the notion […]