Take Us With You When You Go

We’re excited to now offer meat shipments all over the contiguous US! We’ve done it with our organic, heritage-breed Thanksgiving turkey for years now, and thanks to the magic of all things online, everything in the new Shipping Items section of the farm’s online store can hop a plane and be at your destination the next day.

Mac’s Organic Evolution

This week’s article from Mac is something you may have read before. In honor of Earth Day, we’re revisiting how Mac came to be an organic farming proponent.

The New Way to CSA: A Look Back

Nowadays, we tuck shareholder-customized shares—packing lists generated for us by computer—into cabbage boxes and neatly stack them in air-conditioned delivery vans. We offer our thanks to the early adopters of Elmwood Stock Farm’s CSA Farm Share subscription model for sticking with us while we adapted to better systems for everybody.

The Soil & the Stars & the Spring Equinox

We are looking forward to the spring equinox on Saturday, when the earth tilts enough for the sun to be coming our way again. With it will come more chances to grow more vegetables, in due time.

How to Cook Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef

We talk about Elmwood Stock Farm’s beef as “organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, dry-aged, USDA Choice grade, Angus-Wagyu beef.” This is a mouthful, and every detail is important! That the beef you purchase from us is grass-fed and grass-finished is surprising to many, as it actually has more flavor, tenderness and moisture than you might expect.  Here, […]

Frozen: The Farm Edition

Last week’s ice storm enveloped every nook and cranny of everything outdoors on Elmwood Stock Farm, encasing us in a coating of ice. In terms of weather afflictions on the farm, wind doesn’t bother some things; rains bother some things but help others. Ice storms bother everything. We have persevered through previous ice events, indeed, […]

A Love Letter to the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

We are who others help us to be. Most of the farming we do was learned from somebody else. We just put our little spin of technology, wherewithal and personality to it.  More often than not, over the last 30 or so years, we would be traveling to or co-hosting the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working […]

Packaging Update: A Plastic Lament

Long before your kale, eggs or chicken breast makes it to your front door, someone at Elmwood Stock Farm was plotting its course. From seed or egg to the packaging in which it leaves the farm, each detail has been considered, often multiple times by multiple people At this point, you know Elmwood Stock Farm […]

2021: A Year of Good Eating

Looking up from a busy, busy year of farm work, we’re happy to see 2021 on the horizon! This week, Elmwood Stock Farm staff is commenting on their food goals for the new year. Here’s what we’re looking forward to cooking and eating into 2021: Fermentation is on the minds of several folks here. Mackenzie […]

The Arrival of Meteorological Winter

A 2-inch snowfall on the last day of November kicked us into meteorological winter with a bang. Could be a harbinger of things to come or the biggest snow all year—no telling. I understand why the center of a roast or turkey keeps getting hotter after it comes out of the oven but not why […]