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Meet Our Partners

Building a sustainable food system is at the heart of the work we do here at our farm but it’s not something we can do alone. That’s why we’re so fortunate to have connected with other food producers, some near and some a bit further afield, who share our mission and have been so generous to partner with us to provide our customers with other certified organic products (a rarity in the food hub/farming scene) to supplement what we sell. We’re proud to support their work and are excited for you all to get to know them – and to sample their delicious offerings!


Caffe Marco

Caffe Marco has become a Kentucky institution and their coffee is just as notable. Each and every roast is USDA certified organic and very tasty. We’ve enjoyed working with this small family business for years and love their commitment to their organic process. 


Ela Family Farms

Growing tree fruit organically in our region is near impossible due to the humid climate which is why we’re so fortunate to have connected with Steve Ela of Ela Family Farms in Colorado who grows organic apples, peaches and pears. They’re specially delivered to us at their freshest and we enjoy them all season long. The best way to try some is through our CSA – there are rarely any left for us to sell to the general public!


Hopewell Bake Exchange

There’s nothing better than freshly baked artisan bread but it’s even better (and harder to find as it turns out) when it’s organic. Luckily for us, Hopewell Bake Exchange keeps us well stocked with several varieties, plus their English muffins and granola are not to be missed!


KY Blueberry Growers

Blueberries grown organically isn’t something you often find but we’re excited to be partnering with Kentucky Blueberry Growers to supply us with one of our favorite summer fruits.


Wild Lab Bakery

Sourdough bread has undoubtedly seen quite the resurgence over the last few years but Wild Lab’s rustic loaf is one of our favorites, due in large part to their special organic stone-milled grains.



We get asked often about the best way to contribute to the sustainable food movement and we like to say that you’ve got to put your money where your mouth is. We don’t mean it to be crass; when you go food shopping your purchases are essentially a vote for the type of agriculture you’re choosing to support. We hope you will support our partners, just as you have supported us, so that together we can create a brighter farming future for us all to benefit from. 

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