Top Tips to Keep Fall Vegetables Fresh

The key to eating well all year is to store your fall vegetables properly! We put together our best tips for fall- and winter-vegetable storage so you can keep yours in top shape until you’re ready to eat them.

Eat Like Your Farmer – Fall 2021 Edition

Robust CSA Share from Elmwood Stock Farm

For all the work involved, being a farmer does have its perks, and eating wholesome, organic foods through winter is one of them. The Elmwood Stock Farm Fall CSA Farm Share enables you to eat like your farmer, too.

Turkey Tales

As turkey production began to be concentrated and industrialized, someone mistook their cautious curiosity for stupidity and labeled them as dumb. Spend a few hours with them out here on the farm, and you’ll realize nothing could be further from the truth.

Pork as a Traditional Fall Food

Thanks to the walk-in freezers at Elmwood Stock Farm, you’re able to access organic, pasture-raised, Berkshire pork all year round, with the exception of some of the most popular cuts that sell out quickly. Yet we’re reminded of the seasonality of meat as we make the slow turn into fall.

A Food Farmer’s Favorite Summer Foods

Tomatoes, Pint of Colorful

Summer veggies are so short-lived in Kentucky, I tend to eat my weight in them while they’re available. Especially when we keep our cooking methods simple, they just seem to vanish off our plates, right before our eyes.

How to Shop the Farmers Market in 2021

We have been going to farmers markets for a long time—27 years as market vendors, and longer than that as shoppers—and would like to share some hints and tips on how to eat seasonally, with style.

Mid-Summer 2021 Veggie Update

With the warm weather crops well on their way, we have a sense of how the season is shaping up. With more than 25 years of growing vegetables and 21 years of organic certification under our belt, the list of crops we focus on has matured, taking the longer view of what is good for you and the farm, both.

The Best Eggs in the World

The chickens are happy, the eggs are good for you, and no chemicals were released into the environment in their making. Read about how laying hens are kept on pasture at Elmwood Stock Farm.

Meet Your Family Farmers

You read in this space about how your food is grown, but rarely do you get to know the people behind your food. Ann Bell Stone, John Bell and Mac Stone are the managers of the sixth-generation Elmwood Stock Farm, leading teams of field crew, delivery drivers, farmers market employees and office staff.

Experience Wagyu-Angus Beef

We’re excited to announce that all of the beef that you receive from Elmwood Stock Farm is now Wagyu-Angus beef—still 100% grass-fed, dry-aged, USDA Choice grade, organic and born on this family farm just outside Georgetown, Kentucky. This cross has been in the making for years to improve the beef quality, specifically the marbling, which gives beef its taste and texture.