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Meet Charles!

We love getting to share with you about how your food is grown and raised but we figured we’d also share a bit more about the people who are behind it all – our team!

Next in our series is Charles! Before coming to work here at Elmwood he was an executive chef for James Beard nominated local chef Ouita Michel at several of her restaurants as well as an event company. With his culinary background he brings a knowledge and love of local food as he heads up the team that prepares items for CSA, online orders and the farmers market. 

We sat down with Charles to learn more about his varied roles on the farm, his hobbies outside of work and more:

What kinds of jobs do you do on the farm?
My work revolves around all things CSA! I organize, prepare and pack over 1,000 shares over the three main seasons. I also help keep the freezers stocked and oversee inventory of our organic pasture raised beef, pork, turkey, chicken and lamb. I also manage the fulfillment and delivery of our online orders and keep our farm store and farmers markets running smoothly.
What do you love most about working on the farm?
I love working with the seasons and providing our customers with healthy, delicious, nutrient dense, biodiverse and sustainable food that’s helping to save the planet. 
What’s your favorite farm meal?
It’s got to be either Chef Eileen’s biscuits with Elmwood honey or Sarah’s cornbread with our Jimmy Red Cornmeal. I also love hard boiled Elmwood eggs, green summer salads with fresh cut microgreens, and warm sungold tomatoes. I could go on and on!
What’s one thing you want people to know about Elmwood Stock Farm?
I am proud to work on this farm and provide niche level products, even within the organic realm.  Elmwood’s integrity and values are top tier, and no corners are cut when it comes to what we do. 
What’s your favorite Elmwood product?
Our Ancestral Blend Ground Beef, which is our grass fed and finished ground beef blended with beef heart and liver for more nutrients. It’s out of stock right now but more will be coming soon!
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
It varies but I love to cycle, run, listen to as much music as I can and cook food for my wife Kayleigh – and feed our five favorite pets scraps from our plates.

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