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A Note from Mac

And just like that, here we are again just a few short days away from Thanksgiving.
This time of year seems to often be characterized by a lot of hustle and bustle with family coming to town, shopping for ingredients and then sharing a meal all together. But that moment with everyone gathered at the table together something special takes place, a quiet bonding effect between an assortment of folks from all places and walks of life, along with a splendid arrangement of dishes too. 
Each year looks a little different for us here at the farm. But one thing that has continued is your demonstrable and ongoing commitment to our work, our mission, and for that we are utterly grateful. Thanks to your support via CSA memberships, at the farmers markets, and by purchasing a turkey we’ve been able to definitively expand our operations and provide nourishment for you year round, as well as to those in need in our community at large. What we do here has always been a labor of love but the outpouring of love we regularly receive from our food and farm family is our life blood and only makes our love for providing wholesome, organic food grow exponentially. As we love to say, we can do it for you but we can’t do it without you!
So whatever your menu may look like this year, just know that we are honored to be the farmers providing the food you prepare and we are always incredibly grateful to be a part of your holiday celebrations.
Mac Stone

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