You Are What You Eat

If you’ve met me even once you’ve probably had the pleasure of hearing me pepper this phrase in our conversation. I admit that I have a tendency to wax poetic on this topic but it’s been a little while since I’ve covered it in some kind of depth so I figured that now would be […]

The Right Way, Not the Fast Way

As farmers who are committed to raising livestock using certified organic practices and regenerative agriculture, we know that this work doesn’t always come easy. Everything we do is to better the land and our livestock are integral to this in their ability to replenish the soil naturally through rotational grazing. As they are rotated from […]

Our Better for the Planet Beef

“Leave the world better than you found it” is a phrase I’m no stranger to, especially through my exploration and adoption of organic farming over the years. When I take visitors to the farm on a tour, our first stop is an empty field. I explain to them that this is our “solar powered hamburger […]

In Living Color

Flash, as he later came to be known, dropped from the sky one fine summer day, and hung around for years. We were the beneficiaries of being adopted by a full plumage Indigo Blue Peacock, aka Flash. I never thought of myself as a bird guy until I became responsible for hundreds of laying hens […]

Sweets for the sweet!

  One of my favorite organic vegetables is at peak season right now! Sweet potatoes seem to hit the spot during cold weather, and can be enjoyed with easy preparation on a busy weeknight or on the weekend. To set the record straight, sweet potatoes are not yams. We do not grow yams in this […]

Heritage Turkeys, from Egg to Thanksgiving


The heritage turkey hens laid their eggs, and we hatched them in the incubator, back in the springtime. They’ve been living on our rolling pastures since coming out of the brooder barn at a few weeks of age. This represents the essence of farmer optimism: turn an egg into the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast, and have some fun while doing it.

How to Extend Your Local Eating Season

Now that we have an online store, a Fall CSA Farm Share and a Winter CSA Farm Share, we take the responsibility of producing food year-round more seriously. Here as the days get shorter, growing into the colder months is on our minds.

Eat Like Your Farmer – Fall 2021 Edition

Robust CSA Share from Elmwood Stock Farm

For all the work involved, being a farmer does have its perks, and eating wholesome, organic foods through winter is one of them. The Elmwood Stock Farm Fall CSA Farm Share enables you to eat like your farmer, too.

Turkey Tales


As turkey production began to be concentrated and industrialized, someone mistook their cautious curiosity for stupidity and labeled them as dumb. Spend a few hours with them out here on the farm, and you’ll realize nothing could be further from the truth.

A Food Farmer’s Favorite Summer Foods

Tomatoes, Pint of Colorful

Summer veggies are so short-lived in Kentucky, I tend to eat my weight in them while they’re available. Especially when we keep our cooking methods simple, they just seem to vanish off our plates, right before our eyes.