Instinctive Behavior

When we open the portable net fencing to move our poultry to fresh pasture, turkeys move across the field in a terrestrial murmuration, whereas the chickens scatter, every hen for herself. Same pasture, same fencing, similar feed, same waterer, similar shelters, very different behaviors. The turkeys seem to have a collective brain, the chickens are […]

The Little Beans That Could

By all rights, the green, purple, yellow and dragon tongue stringless beans in the driveway field should be black and withered from last weekend’s frosty nights. As should the tomatoes on the other side of the drive. After all, we hit 34 degrees two nights in a row. The basil, smartweed and Johnsongrass all got […]

Twenty Years In: Celebrating a new brand and a new website

We packed to the brim the maroon bread truck on that bright, sunny September Friday afternoon some 20-plus years ago, ready for a big day at the farmers market on Vine Street the next morning. And it was a big day—of raining cats and dogs; we brought most of the vegetables home. In those days, […]

Growing Your Vegetables: Farm Tour, Part 4

Stepping away from the greenhouses, high tunnels and intensive-greens beds that we looked at in last week’s farm tour, we will look south and west to the produce production fields. Some years, we would have to hike north and east to see the same vegetables. Their placement depends on our eight-year crop-rotation plan. Remembering back […]

Year-Round Seeds to Greens, Part 3 of the Virtual Farm Tour

For part three of our Elmwood Stock Farm tour, we’ll leave behind the cattle field and turn to see the cluster of clear plastic quonset hut-shaped greenhouses. A brief walk past the perennial herb beds and rows of rhubarb lands us in the transplant greenhouse.  Seed Starting First to catch your eye will be the […]

Elmwood Stock Farm Tour, Part 2

To continue last week’s farm tour, walking west away from the lunch area, past the billowy white pines sheltering the homes where ‘the guys’—our farm crew—live, we stop at a plain-looking pasture. Describing this diverse, essential field as plain could not be further from the truth, as you’ll learn.  A flimsy-looking plastic twine drapes from […]

Elmwood Stock Farm Tour, Part 1

Walking to the high tunnels and baby greens field this morning, my thoughts turned to what I would be interpreting had there been a tour group in tow. A scheduled Elmwood Stock Farm tour takes about two hours. We will see how many words it takes on a screen. Several chapters over the next few […]

Corn, Sweet Corn

Happy first day of organic Elmwood Stock Farm sweet corn! This is a celebration on the farm each year because sweet corn season is short and, oh, so sweet. Thursday’s CSA shareholders are the first to receive corn, and we hope to have enough to share with our wider customer audience in the coming weeks. […]

Meet Our Wooly Mammals

Shearing sheep is a lost art, mostly because it is hard work. Over the last 20 years, we have been dependent on these craftsmen (every one I’ve ever met were men) to come to the farm with their specialized tools to remove the wool from our animals in an efficient manner. I have personally shorn […]

Natural Cohabitation

Just outside the front door of our little on-farm store is a barn swallow nest. The location comes with much consternation to the breeding pair, even though they picked the spot. People come and go in that space throughout the day, their heads bobbing a couple of feet below the birds’ adobe home. We are […]