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The Dangers of Today’s Industrialized Food System

Since a thirst for knowledge seems to be part of what makes us human, let’s look at where we are at the moment. Since Cyrus McCormick started strapping industrial equipment onto steel wheels in the 1830s, the advances in industrialization of our nation’s food supply have become something Cyrus could never have dreamed of.  Scientific […]

Attending the 2024 OAK Conference

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to attend this year’s Annual Farming Conference, put on by the Organic Association of Kentucky or OAK as we like to call them. The annual conference brings together organic farmers and food advocates from all across Kentucky to talk shop, share ideas and resources and […]

What It Means to Be Organic

If you’ve ever looked around your local grocery store you’ve likely noticed specific sections and products labeled “organic.” And, understandably, you may have wondered why and more importantly what that word really means. When you think of the word organic, or at least when I do, what comes to mind the most is the notion […]

A Note from Mac

And just like that, here we are again just a few short days away from Thanksgiving. This time of year seems to often be characterized by a lot of hustle and bustle with family coming to town, shopping for ingredients and then sharing a meal all together. But that moment with everyone gathered at the table […]

Turkey Q&A

There’s a whole lot to love – and learn – about turkeys and their turkey tendencies and each year we relish the opportunity to share more about them with our food and farm family. Earlier this week we invited you to send in your turkey questions for me, Mac Stone, to answer in a special […]

You Are What You Eat

If you’ve met me even once you’ve probably had the pleasure of hearing me pepper this phrase in our conversation. I admit that I have a tendency to wax poetic on this topic but it’s been a little while since I’ve covered it in some kind of depth so I figured that now would be […]

The Right Way, Not the Fast Way

As farmers who are committed to raising livestock using certified organic practices and regenerative agriculture, we know that this work doesn’t always come easy. Everything we do is to better the land and our livestock are integral to this in their ability to replenish the soil naturally through rotational grazing. As they are rotated from […]

Our Better for the Planet Beef

“Leave the world better than you found it” is a phrase I’m no stranger to, especially through my exploration and adoption of organic farming over the years. When I take visitors to the farm on a tour, our first stop is an empty field. I explain to them that this is our “solar powered hamburger […]

In Living Color

Flash, as he later came to be known, dropped from the sky one fine summer day, and hung around for years. We were the beneficiaries of being adopted by a full plumage Indigo Blue Peacock, aka Flash. I never thought of myself as a bird guy until I became responsible for hundreds of laying hens […]

Sweets for the sweet!

  One of my favorite organic vegetables is at peak season right now! Sweet potatoes seem to hit the spot during cold weather, and can be enjoyed with easy preparation on a busy weeknight or on the weekend. To set the record straight, sweet potatoes are not yams. We do not grow yams in this […]