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The Right Way, Not the Fast Way

As farmers who are committed to raising livestock using certified organic practices and regenerative agriculture, we know that this work doesn’t always come easy. 

Everything we do is to better the land and our livestock are integral to this in their ability to replenish the soil naturally through rotational grazing. As they are rotated from pasture to pasture, they eat the weeds along with the grass and nutrients in the soil are replenished by their manure, which helps more grass grow. 

In addition to being much more labor intensive than the more traditional continual grazing method, the positive results from rotational grazing can take years to appear but raising animals this way is vital to improving the land in a sustainable manner. It also makes the end product that much more nutritious and flavorful and we love hearing from our customers that it’s the best tasting meat they’ve ever had! 

Two of our meat offerings exemplify all this to a T: Our organic, pasture-raised chicken and our organic, grass-fed lamb. 

Our chickens spend their entire lives out on pasture which allows their diet to naturally be enriched by forages, fresh air, exercise and sunlight. At night they go into what we call their chicken tractors which are moveable outdoor pens that can be closed up to protect from predators and are moved each day to give the chickens an opportunity to roam on new pasture. This also allows for picked through pastures to rest and revitalize for future grazing. As a supplement they receive grain which is certified organic and free from genetically modified organisms, chemical pesticides and herbicides, and animal by-products. 

Our sheep, along with our cattle, are at the helm of our rotational grazing program and do an excellent job of keeping our pastures in check. Over the course of three days the sheep uniformly graze down the top growth along with the weeds which allows for new plants to grow in the gaps. Then they’re moved to fresh grass for another three days and the process repeats itself. This also allows us to naturally control intestinal parasites without the need for chemical dewormers.

Both chicken and lamb have been newly restocked and we can’t wait for you to enjoy great tasting food that’s been raised with integrity!

Mac Stone

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