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Broad-Breasted vs Heritage Breed – What’s the Difference?


It’s the number one question we get this time of year: what’s the difference between your broad-breasted and heritage breed turkeys? But before going into the differences, we think it’s important to cover the similarities. Namely, both types are 100% organic and raised completely free range on pasture without the use of antibiotics, GMO grains, or synthetic chemicals. We’re proud to raise them with integrity and in a manner that is matched most closely with their natural turkey upbringing.

Otherwise, broad-breasted turkeys are similar to turkeys commonly sold at the supermarket and perhaps what you grew up eating. They have large frames, more white breast meat in relation to dark leg and thigh meat, and a rounder shape. However, the similarities end there. Our broad-breasted turkeys are what we call bronze, which simply means that they don’t have all white feathers like the ones found in stores. In addition, our broad-breasted turkeys being raised on pasture and purely organic feed (and without the use of fillers or chemicals) results in a much more flavorful result that is unlike anything you can find at the store. And did we mention the meat makes for great sandwiches the next day?

Meanwhile, our heritage turkeys are truly something special. These heritage turkeys are a rare breed and come from genetics developed in the first 200 years of domesticated turkey farming in the U.S. They’re much slower growing than turkeys bred at commercial farms that supply grocery stores, which made these turkeys fall into relative obscurity with the advent of industrialized farming, but we’re proud to be a part of the movement to bring these birds back from the brink of extinction. Being slow growers, the heritage turkeys are also much leaner, with a longer and thinner shape than their broad-breasted cousins. But that in turn results in a more equal dark meat to light meat ratio and a rich, juicy flavor and velvet-like tenderness that makes for a very special holiday meal indeed.    

Check out this helpful infographic for a visual breakdown of the differences:

To learn even more about our turkeys, check out some of our recent videos on YouTube!

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