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Celebrating Farmers Market Week

You may not know this but this week (August 6 through 12) is officially National Farmers Market Week! Setting up shop at our local farmers markets is a huge highlight of our weekends for over thirty years now and we love getting to connect with our customers and share our seasonal bounty.

Farmers markets are the absolute best way to get your hands on locally grown food picked at the peak of freshness while directly supporting your local farmers and food system. By supporting farmers over nationwide grocery chains you also put your dollars behind a commitment to sustainable agriculture where the local ecosystem is prioritized over the needs of the bottom line and we work with the land to produce food in a manner that will regenerate and revitalize the land over time.

We also see farmers markets as a way to fight food insecurity in our communities. Your generous support of our farm each weekend allows us to pay it forward and partner with local organizations and donate food on a regular basis.

To expand our efforts even further, and in honor of Farmers Market Week, we invite you to visit us this weekend at any of our farmers market locations. If you spend $60 you’ll receive a free veggie bag filled to the brim with our best summer vegetables (including tomatoes, squash and corn) to give to someone you know in need. You can also choose to have us donate the veggie bag for you to one of our partner organizations. 

As a reminder, here is our current farmers market schedule:

SATURDAYS: Lexington Farmers Market 8am-2pm, Georgetown/Scott County Farmers Market 9am-1pm

SUNDAYS: Hyde Park Farmers Market 9:30am-1pm, Lexington Farmers Market 10am-2pm

Other farmers market resources:

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