Elmwood Stock Farm, Georgetown KY, USA     ||     Order a Meat Bundle  HERE 

CSA Signup Instructions

  1. Review plans and pricing: https://elmwoodstockfarm.com/csa-plans-pricing/ 

  2. Once you have made your selection click on the “Sign Up Summer 2024” button. The sign up page can also be accessed here.

    1. For existing CSA members, sign in to your account. 

    2. For new CSA members, create a CSA account.

  3. Review the list of pick-up locations and select the corresponding day of the week at the bottom of the page.

  4. Select the share size that you would like to purchase (mini, regular, or robust) and click “Next”. 

  5. Review options to add an “Egg, Surprise Meat, or Flower Share” to your order and click “Next”. 

  6. Review the option to add a “Choose My Own Meat Share” and click “Next”. 

  7. Select your share pickup location from the drop-down menu OR check the box for home delivery if this is how you would like to receive your share. 

  8. Enter your home address below your CSA share pickup location. Once you have entered your address and voucher code, click “Next”.

  9. Review the option to add a donation for a CSA share to local families experiencing food insecurity and click “Next”. 

  10. Look over your selected farm share, pickup location, and address, and select “Complete Sign-Up”.

  11. Review the details on making payment to the farm.