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Giving Back

It’s not something we always mention but as part of our CSA program we match monetary contributions from members to donate shares and supplies to those experiencing food insecurity in our community. 

We feel extremely fortunate to have such a supportive and generous customer base and with that we have been able to partner with several local organizations to donate food on a regular basis and we wanted to highlight a few of them.

Each week we deliver meat, eggs, CSA shares and seasonal vegetables to Sisters Road to Freedom based in Lexington and founded by Therese Wright. Their mission is to serve underserved, low income and food insecure families in Fayette County and provide them with access to nutritious food, wellness workshops and more. Recently one of the families we served shared a photo of a delicious stir fry recipe they came up with using our produce!

This is also our third year partnering with our local Calvary Church to aid in their work to distribute produce to the community. We typically provide them with 20 weeks of produce in the summer. 

Every month we work with Mobile Mission Experience who are based out of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Lexington. They run a monthly food pantry for the community and we have delivered donations to them every month for three years running.

On a less regular basis we also work with Glean KY, God’s Pantry Food Bank, Amen House, and Food Chain and we are always open to exploring new partnerships as well.

Getting to make a positive impact on our local food system is the most rewarding part of our work and getting to fight food insecurity directly this way is the cherry on top.

If you’d like to get involved, consider joining our CSA! All monetary contributions/donations you make will be matched so that we can ensure we can help provide delicious and wholesome food for all.

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