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Let’s Talk Turkey: 2023 Edition


The holiday season may seem a ways off but now is the perfect time to plan ahead and pre-order your organic, pasture-raised turkey for your holiday table!

Our 100% organic, pasture-raised turkeys make for a memorable meal all year round, not just at Thanksgiving. That’s because we pride ourselves on doing things differently when it comes to raising turkeys here at Elmwood Stock Farm. Starting as poults (what baby turkeys are called) our turkeys are completely free-range and kept outdoors on pasture with shelters in the event of inclement weather. In addition to getting the opportunity to pick and root through the grass as they would naturally, we provide them with wholesome USDA-certified organic grains as a supplement without the use of antibiotics, GMO grains or synthetic chemicals. Raising turkeys organically in this manner is unfortunately uncommon due to the added expense but we know it’s worth it to deliver a far superior product for you and your family.

We are especially proud of our heritage turkeys which are truly unlike any other turkey you would find at the grocery store. We do also offer broad-breasted turkeys which, while similar to what’s available commercially at the supermarket, are leaps and bounds ahead in flavor.

We love any opportunity to talk turkey. On our Instagram we’ll be sharing turkey facts each week leading up to Thanksgiving and if you’ve got a turkey question, we invite you to ask them here. We will answer as many as we can in a future Q&A video!

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