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“Meat” Our Friends at Avril-Bleh

If there’s one thing that’s been cemented in our minds after all these years of farming it’s that finding partners that understand and connect with your practices and your “ethos” is crucial. In fact, it’s one of the most valuable tools we have in our arsenal and we are very fortunate to have met so many wonderful folks along the way who support and allow us to stretch and grow to new heights.

Our partnership with Avril-Bleh Meat Market exemplifies all that to a T. Based in Ohio, they’re a family run business that’s been slinging fresh and smoked sausages (as well as all manner of salami, charcuterie, etc) since 1894, and make no mistake, the years spent honing their craft and commitment to quality shows.

We became connected with them in 2019 when we were working with a different butcher who had employed Geoff Rankin as a sausage maker. He ended up leaving to go and work at Avril-Bleh and we eagerly followed him there because of his original, all organic seasoning blends and clear attention to detail in all things sausage making.

You’ve probably heard a joke or two about the ingredients found in sausages but the beauty of what Geoff and Avril-Bleh are putting out is the distinct lack of filler or things that are hard to spell or name. Just meat, water, spices and natural casings – that’s it! Speaking of, one of the big reasons we love partnering with them is their eagerness to use organic ingredients at our request, a rarity amongst butcher, let alone in sausages. From the custom spice blends to the casings, everything they use in our products meets organic standards rather than synthetic ingredients being added to the mix by default. They are also USDA-inspected which allows us to ship their sausages nationwide for all of you to enjoy.

Beyond all that, we greatly appreciate their honesty, trust and clarity as we’ve embarked on this partnership. A few weeks ago we got to pay them a visit and even had the opportunity to see some of our beef, pork and lamb sausages being made!

Thank you again to Geoff, Len, Justin and everyone at Avril-Bleh for welcoming us and being such great collaborators and friends! If you haven’t already you can try some of their sausages for yourself, here.

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