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Our Farm Store Favorites

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a crop (pun intended) of new visitors to our new-and-improved farm store and are excited to welcome even more as the weather starts to warm up. That’s why we wanted to share our current farm store favorites with you – remember, you’re welcome to stop by and shop with us directly in store or pre-order online and simply pick up!

Flower bouquets from Elmwood Stock Farm at the farmers market

These hand harvested, hand-tied and arranged bouquets of blooms from our fields make lovely centerpieces! Choose from a standard or deluxe bunch.

Eggs, Turkey

Available for only a few weeks each year, our pasture-raised heritage breed organic turkey eggs are ultra rich in flavor and extra high in protein and nutrients. Try them in an omelet!

jar of honey

After pollinating our organic vegetable fields, flowers and pastures, our bees produce this deliciously sweet, smooth and golden raw honey.

Microgreens are endlessly versatile and packed with nutrition. This collection features three different varieties so you can find your favorite. Try them in sandwiches and on salads!

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