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Our Favorite Holiday Traditions (and Recipes!)

The big day is almost here! There’s been a flurry of activity here on the farm as we’ve been busy shipping turkey orders and getting ready for the holidays ourselves.

In between the more hectic moments, we’ve been taking time to reflect on the ways we’ve celebrated over the years as a family and team and are sharing our favorite holiday memories, traditions, and recipes with you. We’re honored that through our turkeys, we get to be a part of your own celebrations and are so grateful for your support. 

And if you’re still looking to pre-order one of our organic, pasture-raised turkeys for Thanksgiving, you have until November 20. We offer pickup at the farm, at the Lexington and Hyde Park Farmers Markets, and we also ship nationwide!

Jessica: “My daughter and I love to make and put up an altar to celebrate and remember our ancestors.”

Susan: “We string popcorn garland for our Christmas tree.”

Charles: “My wife and I like to shoot mistletoe out of trees with a shotgun.”

Ernesto: “Our entire family makes and eats a meal together.”

Jair: “We eat posole with the family.” 

Mac: “We like to sit and stare at the fire.”

Anne: “I love taking time to put up holiday decorations in between our busy moments.”

John: “All the delicious food is definitely my favorite part of the holidays.”

Sarah: “We cut our own Christmas tree down and Santa brings new pajamas on Christmas Eve.”

Eileen: “We read the Gift of the Magi.”

Carrie: “My husband and I listen to Christmas music while we wrap gifts and put up decorations and our tree.” 

Kevin: “It’s tradition for my family and me to have a family gathering at one of our relatives’ houses, usually there are 10-25 people there.” 

Peter: “Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important holiday observance in my family because we gather at the table and recognize our blessings of simple abundance.”

Ellen: “My family likes to hike and play board games in addition to making lots of side dishes so we can enjoy leftovers for days.”

Brandi – “Wherever we travel throughout the year, we always make sure to buy a Christmas ornament from that location so when we decorate the tree at Christmas, we can reminisce about all the fun places we have been together.”

All the best this holiday season from our family to yours.

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