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Our Favorite Tropical Treat

It’s amazing how widespread yet connected the organic growing community is these days. It provides so much opportunity for us to learn from each other and discover new-to-us techniques and practices that we would’ve never thought possible.

A few years ago we (spearheaded by Mac) came to learn about ginger being grown organically somewhere a little unexpected – Hawaii! Owners and founders of Puna Organics, Daniel Kelly and Biker Dude, knew that ginger favored a warm, tropical climate and after much trial and error, honed in on a method to cultivate it without the use of pesticides or herbicides. After perfecting their crop, they expanded and now sell ginger wholesale to other farms, including ours.

You may have seen back in February that we received a large shipment of organic ginger “hands” as the tubers are called. Once we receive them we cut each of the hands into small pieces and take them to what we call our germination chamber, where we give them a chance to sprout. After that they’re planted in high tunnels where we can mimic a tropical climate for better growth. Eventually they’re harvested and ready to be enjoyed as one of our favorite tropical treats, baby ginger!

Ginger flowering in our high tunnels

The unique combination of spicy and sweet found in fresh ginger is something we look forward to all year and we like to use the entire plant. It’s excellent sliced up and stir fried with other veggies, grated for use in baked goods, or even as nourishing ginger tea during cold and flu season. Any way you use it you can’t go wrong and it seems you all agree – we frequently and quickly sell out of all our baby ginger.

The best way to get your hands on some ginger hands of your own is to be a CSA member. CSA members get first pick of all our offerings and members will often buy up all the ginger before we can even sell it to the general public. Now is a great time to join as we get ready to start up our Fall 2023 CSA season on October 9 and there are many different ways to customize your share just for you.




P.S: We also sell organic, fresh turmeric from Puna Organics in Hawaii! It has a similar spicy and sweet flavor profile and pairs well with the fresh ginger in many cooking applications.

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