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Our New Favorite Beef Recipes!

We have a bit of a confession to make. While we don’t usually like to play favorites when it comes to our products and offerings, we have a definite soft spot for our organic Wagyu-Angus beef.


We’ve been breeding and raising cattle here on the farm for generations and after many trials, errors, and a hefty dose of patience, we’ve really dialed in and are proud to offer beef that maximizes taste and tenderness unlike what you can find at the grocery store. It sounds cliché, but we firmly believe you are what you eat and that’s the same for our cattle. As part of our rotational grazing program they’re continually exposed to fresh pasture, which makes up 100% of their diet – we never feed grain. These tactics prevent overgrazing, make for healthier soil, and also lead to a superior product down the line – the signature marbling you see, for example, is a direct result of constant exposure to naturally nutritious grasses and forages. In addition, each and every cut (including our ground beef and deli cuts!) is dry aged for a steakhouse touch you can enjoy at home.

You can taste the difference yourself and shop our recent restock of our organic, grass-fed beef! Popular cuts tend to sell out quickly, so now’s the time to shop and stock up! And if you’re looking for a little dinner inspiration, below we’ve assembled a few of our current favorite beef recipes + the perfect cut of Elmwood Stock Farms beef to make them with!

Photo: Emma Fishman

Celebrate soup season in style with this fun riff on a classic. Use our certified organic, Wagyu-Angus short ribs to make this dish a standout.

Photo: Caitlin Bensel

These hearty hamburgers are a fun way to put a spin on taco night. Use our 100% grass-fed ground beef to pack an extra punch of flavor!

Photo: Jaclyn Bell

You can’t go wrong with a classic pot roast. Use our dry aged Wagyu-Angus chuck roast and cook low and slow – it’s John’s favorite!

Photo: Antonis Achilleos

A warm bowl of this risotto would be a welcome sight on a cold winter’s night. Use our 100% grass-fed + organic mild Italian sausages or kick up the heat with our hot Italian sausages!

Photo: Joanna Cismaru

This is comfort food at its finest. Use our Wagyu-Angus stew meat to add an extra dose of decadence.


Have a favorite beef recipe of your own? Share it in the comments!

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