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When you think of our offerings you probably think of our pasture-raised meat and our organic fruit and vegetables. But did you know that we also offer hand crafted organic pantry items too?

In fact, we’re adding new pantry items all the time based on the seasons and new culinary discoveries we come upon. Here are our current, new pantry favorites and some suggestions on how to use them:

Like a great cup of joe, the bold flavors in our coffee spice will wake up whatever you choose to season with it. We especially love to use it as a rub on traditionally tougher cuts of meat, like flank steak.

We thoroughly tested this chile spice to ensure the perfect balance of heat and to add just the right fiery punch to your dishes. You’d be surprised by just how many ways you can use it; our farm chef Sarah loves to sprinkle it on scrambled eggs with cheese, on popcorn and on grilled pork chops. 

Crafted from organic sage, rosemary, rhyme and black pepper, our poultry rub was made with our organic, pasture-raised turkey in mind, but it’s also fantastic on chicken!

Made with organic tomatoes fresh from our farm, our marinara sauce is of course great on pasta but makes for a fantastic topping for fish, sliders or even meatloaf.

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