Turkey, Organic Heritage Breed

Elmwood Stock Farm’s heritage-breed turkeys are “Recommended” in a Cook’s Illustrated taste test—the only organic turkey to receive such a distinction from the magazine.

From Cook’s Illustrated:

  • “This turkey was ‘super tender and juicy,’ with white meat ‘so rich in flavor that it tastes like dark meat.’
  • “The dark meat was even more tender and flavorful, prompting one taster to ask, ‘Is this dark turkey or pulled pork? So fall-apart tender that it’s almost shredding itself.’
  • “‘Rich without gamy notes,’ the meat had a ‘texture like velvet.’”

Heritage turkey has a longer, thinner shape than a broad-breasted turkey, resulting in more equal dark meat to light meat ratio. The rich turkey flavor creates a special meal.

You are purchasing a turkey that has been free ranging—kept outdoors on grass pasture and fed wholesome, organic grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey without the use of synthetic inputs, flavor additives or stimulants. The use of certified-organic grain along with the time and care it takes to raise turkeys outdoors on pasture means our turkeys are more expensive to produce, but you can take comfort knowing no antibiotics, no GMO grains and no synthetic chemicals are used to produce your food. USDA organic certification ensures third-party verification of our production practices and ultimately results in better health for you, your family and all the guests around the table.

Learn more about the difference between heritage breed turkeys and broad-breasted turkeys.

Thanksgiving 2020

We assume your order is for pickup or delivery just prior to Thanksgiving. If you want to receive your turkey earlier, please let us know in the order NOTES.

For Thanksgiving 2020, we offer local pickup at the following locations:


Monday, 11/23/24: On-Farm, Georgetown, KY; 9:00am-6:00pm

Tuesday, 11/24/20: On-Farm, Georgetown, KY; 9:00am-6:00pm


Saturday, 11/21/20: Lexington Farmers Market, Lexington, KY; 8:00am-12:00pm


Sunday, 11/22/20: Hyde Park Farmers Market, Cincinnati, Ohio; 10:00am-1:00pm

Tuesday, 11/24/20: Hyde Park “Turkey Tuesday” Celebration, Cincinnati, OH; 6:30pm-8:30pm.


Thursday, 11/19/20: Meet our van at Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods, St. Matthews location, Louisville, KY. 11:30am-12:00pm.

We can also deliver to your home.

Have your turkey shipped! We currently offer shipping to the 48 contiguous states. We plan to ship the week prior to Thanksgiving, allowing ample time for your turkey to thaw. If you would like your turkey earlier, please leave us an order note during checkout, and we will contact you to make arrangements.