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Organic, Grass-Fed Lamb

More than the meat they offer, the Dorset/Katahdin sheep flock add value to our whole-farm system. The sheep are integral to the rotational-grazing system that is the hallmark of Elmwood Stock Farm’s regenerative farming practices. 

As they graze, they start with the most desirable plants first, then over the next couple of days uniformly remove the top growth, leaving the perennial plants to regrow new leaves. It’s awesome to see a sheep nibble all the flowers and seed heads off weeds in the field, helping to keep our pastures in check. 

Rather than administer chemical dewormers to control intestinal parasites, we move the flock to fresh grass every three days, where the life cycle of the parasite has been disrupted. It’s a win-win for pasture health and sheep health.

The meat resulting from our carefully planned rotational-grazing system is tender, flavorful and certified organic. Our lamb is a seasonal product. We restock the freezers each spring and fall. Be sure to check back or inquire with us about availability, if you don’t see the cuts you’re looking for.