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Spring Things

Spring has sprung! Spring is always a joyous and beautiful time to be here at the farm. It’s a time of awakening, when we all shake off the dormancy of winter and embrace new beginnings and new life around every corner. The crisp blue skies, warming spring sun and deep green grass fed by the winter snow are the cherry on top. Here’s a snapshot of spring at the farm.


Our layer pullets have been out and enjoying the sunshine as they graze on pasture. It’s probably hard to tell that they’re less than a year old from first glance but the easiest way to know is by looking at their combs. Right now they’re on the smaller side but will get bigger and redder as they age.

Though they’re out on pasture, they’re well protected with portable electric fencing and their hen house, aka the egg mobile. Every few days we move the egg mobile, fencing and the pullets to a new area of pasture so they have room to roam and peck and can spread nutrients evenly across the fields.

Planting and Transplanting

This time of year is when we start taking seedlings that have been growing comfortably in our heated greenhouse while winter rages outside and planting them in the ground to grow fully! Working with Mother Nature we had to take several unplanned pauses between transplanting sessions due to chilly weather but with the warm temperatures here to stay we’re back on schedule. So far kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, broccoli and cabbage have all made their way to the fields.

We also plant hardier seedlings straight into the ground where they sprout and grow. After plowing the pasture, and tilling the soil we’ve been working on getting beets, carrots, turnips, arugula, peas and Asian greens planted to prepare for harvest in the early summer. Speaking of, now’s a great time to sign up for our Summer CSA so that you’ll get access to the summer’s best veggies, fruit and more from us before anyone else. It’s like having a subscription to our farm!


If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed our daily “lamb cam.” It’s hard not to marvel over so much (adorable) new life and we feel very lucky that this lambing season has gone off without a hitch.

When it comes to lambing, and livestock raising, we much prefer to let nature work its magic. Our sheep prefer to be outside as much as possible which means that lambing happens outside too, though they have access to part of the barn to come in and out as they please. We’re always ready to intervene if necessary and will give a checkup to each newborn, as well as an ear tag for identification, but the natural strength and resiliency of our ewes and lambs is something to behold in and of itself.


What is spring without flowers? We’ve been fortunate to partner with our friends at Idyllwild Farm, an organic farm a stone’s throw away from us here in Melbourne, Kentucky, who have provided us with beautiful bouquets of freshly picked, locally grown tulips available in every color of the rainbow.

We plan to continue to stock them as long as they’re here this season, until the end of April. CSA members get first choice of flowers and the rest can be found at our farm store as well as at the farmers market each weekend.

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