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Pastured-Poultry Myths

Elmwood Stock Farm offers wholesome, organic food year-round, but as Mac explained earlier, some of the livestock we raise on the farm is seasonal. Our

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Corn, Sweet Corn

Happy first day of organic Elmwood Stock Farm sweet corn! This is a celebration on the farm each year because sweet corn season is short

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Meet Our Wooly Mammals

Shearing sheep is a lost art, mostly because it is hard work. Over the last 20 years, we have been dependent on these craftsmen (every

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The Sounds of Nature

COVID-19 gave me something I thought I’d never witness while standing on Elmwood Stock Farm: the sounds of nature, no man-made noise of any kind.

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Natural Cohabitation

Just outside the front door of our little on-farm store is a barn swallow nest. The location comes with much consternation to the breeding pair,

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Loading the Larder

I’ll cut to the chase here but hope you’ll continue reading beyond: Chicken, pork and sausages are back in stock, and there’s more to come.

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