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Organic = Non-GMO: CSA Week 5

May 29-June 1, 2017 The technology behind genetically modified organisms (GMO) is fascinating. How the scientists place a particular gene of one species into the

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May Equals CSA: CSA Week 1

May 1-4, 2017 Welcome, new and returning shareholders of the Summer ’17 Elmwood Stock Farm CSA Program. Your investment goes well beyond an exchange of

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Keep Kentucky Local

2,430; 1,744; and 1,264: That’s how many miles the average head of lettuce, tray of tomatoes and bunch of greens, respectively, travel to get to

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A Lot to Keep Up With

“The more diverse an ecosystem, the more stable it becomes” is a law of nature. From our rich, fertile soils here at Elmwood Stock Farm to

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Right-Handed Traditions

In his article about farm equipment, Mac asked if anyone knows why horses (and, thereby, tractors) are traditionally mounted from the left. Thanks for all of

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