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Our Favorite Cold Weather Recipes

Anyone else impatiently waiting for the warmer weather to make an appearance? In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying cozying up indoors and enjoying cooking up hearty, stick to your ribs type meals to help fuel us when we inevitably do have to venture back outdoors. The recipes below are our current favorites, and we think you’ll like them too!

The majority of these recipes can be made with our Wagyu-Angus beef. We’ve been breeding and raising cattle here on the farm for generations and are proud to offer beef that maximizes taste and tenderness unlike what you can find at the grocery store. As part of our rotational grazing program they’re continually exposed to fresh pasture, which makes up 100% of their diet – we never feed grain. These tactics prevent overgrazing, make for healthier soil, and also lead to a superior product down the line – the signature marbling you see, for example, is a direct result of constant exposure to naturally nutritious grasses and forages. In addition, each and every cut (including our ground beef!) is dry aged for a steakhouse touch you can enjoy at home.

P.S: Check out our Cold Weather Stock Up Special, which features a selection of our favorite cuts for slow cooking (several of which can be used in these recipes) at a great price!

Photo: Food Network Kitchen

Pot pies have always been a favorite, but we love the extra boost in flavor from the cheddar in the dough.

Photo: Guang Xu

This pot roast recipe is comfort food at its finest with a fresh twist from the pickled onions.

Photo: Antonis Achilleos

Hearty and filling without being too heavy, this ground beef vegetable soup is a cinch to make with store bought gnocchi.

Photo: Nick Evans

With our current abundance of winter squash this creamy and crave-worthy pasta is a great way to use it up. The recipe calls for kabocha but acorn squash works great too!

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