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Greens Mean Go This Season

We know, we know: you’ve probably been told to eat your greens many times before. But we bet you didn’t know just how tasty they could be and luckily this is a great season to sample them! Leafy greens in particular are known for being nutritional powerhouses, rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and […]

The Sweetest Season

It’s no surprise that sweet potatoes really live up to their name. They’re one of our favorite and most popular organic vegetables that we grow and are highly sought after once they come into season. But not many folks realize that the sweet reward of a sweet potato comes with many months of careful planning […]

Farm Fresh Recipes From Our Food and Farm Family

Try saying that five times fast! We’re so delighted when we receive photos from our customers with delicious meals that they’ve made using produce and meat from our farm! Here are some of our recent favorites to spark inspiration next time you’re in the kitchen: Beef Merguez sausage with orzo, okra and tomato Baby squash, […]

Our Favorite Leg of Lamb Recipe

We know you might be wondering why we’re sharing this recipe in the middle of June, but we can attest to the fact that leg of lamb is delicious any time of the year, not just during the holidays. Now that lamb is back in stock, we wanted to share our family’s favorite recipe with […]

The Benefits of Becoming a CSA Member – And a New Recipe!

One thing we never get sick of sharing with our food and farm family is our love of CSA. By becoming a member not only do you help invest in our farm’s future and assure we can provide delicious and wholesome organic food for generations to come but you also get first pick of our […]

Our Favorite Recipes Using Bone Broth

Have you ever tried bone broth? It’s often compared to the more traditional stock, but packed with far more nutrients and flavor – it’s so rich and nourishing that we love it as a hot drink in the colder months or when we’re feeling under the weather!  Bone broth can, of course, also be used […]

Our Favorite Cold Weather Recipes

Anyone else impatiently waiting for the warmer weather to make an appearance? In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying cozying up indoors and enjoying cooking up hearty, stick to your ribs type meals to help fuel us when we inevitably do have to venture back outdoors. The recipes below are our current favorites, and we think […]

Egg-citing Times at the Farm!

Did you know that Elmwood Stock Farm is home to several hundred laying hens that live free range on pasture year round? They’re some of our more popular farm residents and visitors and Instagram fans alike enjoy watching their antics. We also continually sell out of our eggs, oftentimes requiring us to reserve them months […]

Our Farm Favorite Chili Recipe

No matter how busy we are, something we look forward to each weekday is sitting down with everyone for a farm team lunch, prepared by our wonderful chefs, Chef Eileen or Chef Sarah. The menu of course changes with the season – we are incredibly lucky to have amazing winter produce at our disposal currently […]

Decadent 12-Egg Pound Cake

Organic, pasture-raised eggs are a nutritious food choice with more vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced eggs. Just because they’re healthful doesn’t mean they can’t be decadent. Try this 12-Egg Pound Cake recipe using Elmwood Stock Farm’s organic, pasture-raised eggs! It’s a classic family favorite dessert, perfect for when our pasture-raised hens are producing extra eggs in the springtime.