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What Makes Our Eggs Organic?

We don’t often like to brag but we’re pretty proud of our pasture-raised eggs. We’re often told that they have an extra oomph compared to what you get at the grocery store, even from the organic aisle. Now that it’s spring we’ve got an abundance of eggs on our hands courtesy of our laying hens and figured it would be a good time to answer a question we often get asked: What makes our eggs truly organic?

The answer lies once again with our favorite phrase, you are what you eat. Our laying hens (of which there are several hundred!) live free range on pasture year round just like the rest of our livestock and get to peck, scurry, fluff their feathers and just enjoy being chickens to their hearts content.

Every few days they’re rotated to fresh pasture so they can forage for clover, grass seeds and any insects they might find. We then supplement that with organic, non-GMO grains as feed for a well rounded ration. We also make sure to chop down any weeds and thistles in their pastures by hand, rather than sprayed, to prevent chemical contamination in the eggs. 

When they’re not roaming around the pasture during the day, they are roosting in their hen houses in the evenings. These are elevated and enclosed shelters where they can come and go as they please and lay their eggs. We call the hen houses the “egg mobiles” since we move them along with the chickens and temporary, portable electric-net fencing to prevent predators. 

We hand-gather any eggs we find daily from each nest, and the eggs are then cleaned, inspected, cooled and packaged for sale that week.

They’re some of our more popular farm residents and visitors and Instagram fans alike enjoy watching their antics. We also continually sell out of our eggs, oftentimes requiring us to reserve them months ahead for our CSA members.

Those green grasses and clovers our hens eat impart that sought after farm fresh flavor – as well as pack a punch in the nutrition department, which you can see in the orange yolk. It’s all 100% organic and 100% delicious!

There are so many ways to cook with and enjoy eggs but here’s Mac’s favorite breakfast staple for you to try:

Mac's "Bullseyes"


2 slices of your favorite bread

2 teaspoons butter

2 farm fresh eggs

Salt and pepper, to taste


Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Cut an approximately 3-in hole in the middle of the slices of bread. Save the rounds you cut out!

Add all bread pieces to the skillet, then crack the eggs into the holes. Cook for about two minutes until the bread is lightly browned, then flip and cook on the other side until the yolks are almost set. Take the bread slices out of the skillet and finish with salt and pepper as desired. Use the cut out bread rounds and dip it into the eggs for an extra treat. 

Mac’s tip: I love to top my bullseyes with microgreens and avocado for an added note of freshness. Use what’s in season and feel free to get creative!  

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