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Our Favorite Recipes Using Bone Broth

Have you ever tried bone broth? It’s often compared to the more traditional stock, but packed with far more nutrients and flavor – it’s so rich and nourishing that we love it as a hot drink in the colder months or when we’re feeling under the weather! 

Bone broth can, of course, also be used in a variety of recipes and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites here. P.S: From now until the end of March, enjoy 15% off our bone broth bundle, which features eight pouches of bone broth made from our organic, 100% grass-fed Wagyu-Angus beef and organic, pasture-raised chicken and turkey.

Photo: Willow Arlen

Risotto is already rich but this version using beef bone broth dials it up a notch and packs an extra punch of flavor. Plus, who can resist crispy shallots?

Photo: Joe Lingeman

A fresh but equally delicious take on French onion soup, this dish makes use of chicken bone broth for the ultimate cozy meal on a cold night.

Photo: Alex Snodgrass

Who says it has to be Thanksgiving to enjoy turkey? This turkey noodle soup is a welcome treat all year long and turkey bone broth takes this comfort food classic to a whole new level.

Photo: Michelle Hoover

Filling and full of flavor, this lighter take on traditional cabbage rolls utilizes beef bone broth for an added boost of nutrition.

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