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Pasture Raised Meat Is Back in Stock

We’re pretty passionate about our organic, pasture-raised meat. In addition to being healthier for our livestock, who get the chance to stretch their legs across 500+ acres of land with regular rotations to fresh pasture, this means healthier meat for you too. Meat coming from animals raised exclusively on pasture have been shown to have lower saturated fats and higher levels of vitamins, protein and collagen and we are proud to be able to provide a superior and better-for-you product to our food and farm family.

If you’ve been waiting to try our pasture-raised meat, you’re in luck! We are now fully restocked on all cuts of our beef, chicken, pork, lamb and turkey. Learn more about and shop each of our offerings below:

Our herd genetics have been perfected over many years to achieve the absolute best in flavor and texture in our beef. Coupled with a diet of strictly grass and hay produced on our farm (never grain) and dry aging on each and every cut, this is great-tasting food with integrity. 

We can’t get enough of sirloin steaks lately. They’re versatile and work well grilled or sliced up into stews or stir fries.

With plenty of opportunity to peck and forage across fresh pasture each day, our chickens are also given wholesome, organic grain to enrich their natural diet.

You can’t go wrong with chicken legs for an easy to prepare crowd favorite, especially at barbecues!

A cornerstone of our rotational grazing system, our Berkshire pigs love to express their natural piggy behavior while enjoying forages from our pastures and dirt as well as a supplement of organic grains and minerals.

When it comes to bacon, the best of the best is our smoked jowl bacon with a rich and smokey flavor unlike any other.

We’re proud to be able to provide delicious American lamb, raised the natural way on forage from our farm without the use of antibiotics, steroids or hormones. You can really taste the difference!

With a distinctly rich and savory flavor, try our loin chops for an elevated weeknight meal.

We love to enjoy turkey all year round, not just at the holidays, and once you try ours you’ll understand why. Our flagship heritage breed turkeys, along with our broad-breasted variety, are fed our homegrown forage and supplemented with wholesome, non GMO grains, all right on our pastures where they can really show off their turkey tendencies. It gives new meaning to the term free range!

The rich, meaty flavor found in our heritage turkey is unparalleled, and is sure to be a showstopper at your table.

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