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Pork is Back in Stock!

If you’ve been waiting for more of our Berkshire pork, you’re in luck! We just did a big restock with plenty of bacon, chops and more, including hams for Easter ready for shipping or pick up.


Compared to our beef and produce, our Berkshire pork is a relatively new offering. It all started back in 2016: We got our first group of hogs and began incorporating them into our rotational grazing program, though we had our doubts. Raising pigs organically is a well known challenge and very few local farms were offering organic, pasture-raised pork for that very reason. But we knew we had to try, so we watched, waited and cared for them with anticipation, wondering how it would all turn out and how they would fit into our regenerative farming system.


Turns out, they not only fit in but contributed in a positive way! Just like the rest of our livestock, by being out on pasture full time they help keep weeds to a minimum while replenishing and building up the soil as they roam, root in the dirt, and express their natural piggy behavior. It’s a lot of fun to watch and we know the meat tastes a whole heck of a lot better for it.


Other things to know? In addition to an unlimited supply of drinking water and forages from our pastures and dirt, our pigs are fed a ration of organic, non-GMO grains and minerals, and they are never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical dewormers.


It’s another example of how we aim to produce great-tasting food with integrity, and like with everything we offer, we truly believe that you can taste the difference.


Check out some of our favorite cuts of our 100% organic, pasture-raised Berkshire pork below or shop our entire selection here.


cooked ham

Our pasture-raised ham comes pre-smoked and ready for your oven. Perfect for your Easter celebrations! P.S: If you’re looking for an Easter ham recipe, here’s our go-to.

The marbling in our flavorful Berkshire pork chops just can’t be beat. Try them at your next barbecue!

These aren’t your average pork roasts. Being certified organic and pasture-raised means ours get a big boost in flavor and they’re sure to be the star of your next weeknight meal.

Give your homemade gumbo and jambalaya a punch of cajun flavor with our tasty Andouille sausage – one of Mac’s favorites!

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