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Pork is Back in Stock!

If you’ve been waiting for more of our Berkshire pork, you’re in luck! We just did a big restock with plenty of bacon, chops and more, including hams for Easter ready for shipping or pick up.   Compared to our beef and produce, our Berkshire pork is a relatively new offering. It all started back […]

Our Better for the Planet Beef

“Leave the world better than you found it” is a phrase I’m no stranger to, especially through my exploration and adoption of organic farming over the years. When I take visitors to the farm on a tour, our first stop is an empty field. I explain to them that this is our “solar powered hamburger […]

Our Favorite Recipes Using Bone Broth

Have you ever tried bone broth? It’s often compared to the more traditional stock, but packed with far more nutrients and flavor – it’s so rich and nourishing that we love it as a hot drink in the colder months or when we’re feeling under the weather!  Bone broth can, of course, also be used […]

Getting Ready for Lambing Season

In just a few short weeks, our Dorset/Katahdin ewes are due to lamb! Lambing season is always an exciting time here on the farm and with 40 ewes set to give birth, this year should be no exception. Though lambing usually happens in the span of just a handful of days, the lead up and […]

The 2023 Farm Tour Schedule Is Here

Hands down our very favorite thing about farming is getting the opportunity to connect our customers with their food on a deep and meaningful level. It’s at the backbone of all that we do and we love getting to educate the community on our regenerative and organic farming practices each year as part of our […]