Elmwood Stock Farm, 3520 Paris Road, Georgetown KY, 40324  USA

The 2023 Farm Tour Schedule Is Here

Hands down our very favorite thing about farming is getting the opportunity to connect our customers with their food on a deep and meaningful level. It’s at the backbone of all that we do and we love getting to educate the community on our regenerative and organic farming practices each year as part of our farm tours.

This year, we are excited to offer eight farm tours (one each month from March to October) with the theme of There’s No Place Like Home. During each tour, we’ll explore what makes our region so special and why we are proud to call it home while sharing more about our commitment to regenerative agriculture and its positive impact on the planet. We hope you can join us!

Tour Details

Tours will be done on foot (be sure to wear comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting dirty!) and will last two hours. Unless otherwise noted, farm tours begin promptly at 9:00 AM and we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so that we can get started on time. Tours are held rain or shine, except in the event of severe weather events. Come prepared with protection from the elements and a full water bottle!

Each tour has a slightly different focus, but in general will offer a view of the Elmwood Stock Farm system as a whole. Together, we will traipse through the fields, gaze up into sprawling old oak trees, inspect the soil, and discover the many sights and sounds (and smells!) of Mother Nature at work and the unique essence Kentucky brings alongside her. 

The on-farm store will also be open at the end of the tour, so be sure to bring your cooler and your grocery list!


Farm tour tickets must be purchased and claimed (for children under 12) ahead of time as the group size is limited. Farm tours frequently sell out quickly!

Tickets cost $14 for general admission and are free for children under 12 who are attending with an adult. CSA shareholders should register and purchase at least one ticket, and then can add the rest of the family at no charge by contacting us directly. After attending the tour, the value of the purchased tour ticket will then be credited to your CSA member account to use for purchasing extra items throughout the season.

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