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Our New Favorite Pork Recipes

We might be known for our organic, grass-fed beef and turkey but our organic Berkshire pork is definitely a must-try. It’s one of our newer offerings but one we’re just as excited about, not only for the quality of the meat but for the benefits we’ve seen the pigs bring to our holistic farm system as a whole. Like all of our livestock, the pigs are given plenty of room to roam, root in the dirt for tasty snacks, build mud holes, and just get to be pigs! The pastures they graze on are never treated with synthetic or chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides and the pigs themselves are never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical dewormers. Raising pigs organically can be a challenge (which is why so few local farmers do so) but it’s worth it for us for a superior product – you can truly taste the difference.

And while our pork is absolutely delicious on its own, it’s fantastic when used in a variety of recipes. Below you’ll find five of our favorites that we just can’t get enough of – and the perfect cut of Elmwood Stock Farm pork to pair them with!

P.S: You can shop all of our certified organic Berkshire pork here.

Photo: Alex Lau

Lemon and cilantro add a welcome dose of brightness to a classic weeknight meal. Use our 100% organic and pastured raised Berkshire bone-in pork chops to take this dish to the next level.  

Photo: Erika Lapresto

Stay in and enjoy your favorite restaurant flavors at home, like with these crave-able lettuce wraps. Our pasture raised ground pork works perfectly here.

Photo: Caitlyn Earhardt

Grilled cheese already makes for a great meal but bacon (and apples!) takes this variation over the top. Our delicious smoked belly bacon adds an extra rich hit.

Photo: Chungah Rhee

Add some spice to your next pasta night with this Cajun inspired skillet pasta. Don’t forget to use our 100% organic Berkshire Andouille sausage to kick up the heat!

Photo: Jennifer Causey

This impressive meal delivers big on flavor in very little time. Juicy perfection awaits when you use our certified organic and pasture raised boneless Berkshire loin roast.

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