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The Benefits of Becoming a CSA Member – And a New Recipe!

One thing we never get sick of sharing with our food and farm family is our love of CSA. By becoming a member not only do you help invest in our farm’s future and assure we can provide delicious and wholesome organic food for generations to come but you also get first pick of our seasonal vegetables, meats, flowers and eggs. 

As you may have heard, we recently celebrated our 20th year of offering CSA to our customers and community. From forty-five members our first year to the hundreds we are so fortunate to have today, our shareholders have afforded us the opportunity to invest in infrastructure and in our farm crew, while establishing a regenerative organic farming system that provides them with the best farm fresh food in the world. In nature it’s called a symbiotic relationship and in practice we call it Community Supported Agriculture. 

There are so many reasons to become an Elmwood Stock Farm CSA member but here are eight of our favorites:

Customize your share each week

Swap items out, secure your favorites, or add extra veggies, meats, eggs, flowers and pantry items – the choice is yours!

Roll over the value of your share

Going out of town? Need to take a break for a week? You can pause your CSA share in advance through your online portal and roll over up to $75 in account credit.

Flexible pickup + delivery

We distribute to more than a dozen locations throughout Central Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati. We can also deliver to your door if you live within one of our delivery regions. Check out the up to date list of pickup and delivery sites here

Experience true seasonal eating

By becoming a CSA member you’ll get to enjoy local, freshly harvested produce, right when it’s in season – and sometimes through its various stages of development. 

Eat organic straight from your local farm

Our sixth-generation Kentucky farm is proud to meet the standards of organic certification on all of our offerings, so you can be assured that as a CSA member you’ll be receiving healthy, safe, nutritious and wholesome food grown with care while supporting our local, family owned farm.

Get first pick of all our offerings

We always give our CSA members priority before our vegetables, meats and eggs are offered to the general public. Even if you choose a vegetable-only share, you’ll have first pick to purchase any additional vegetables, meats, flowers and eggs each week.

Connect with your food in a whole new way

Each week you’ll receive a CSA member-only email newsletter with food storage tips, recipes, crop news and other items of interest.

Enjoy special events

You’ll get first shot at purchasing tickets to any on-farm events we hold, like our farm tours and farm to table dinners.




Another great benefit of joining a CSA is getting the opportunity to cook with new-to-you foods, such as green garlic! Before becoming the traditional garlic bulbs you can more commonly find, garlic starts as tender green stalks, before eventually becoming garlic scapes and then the bulbs. Working with our team member Charles, who trained as a chef, we’ve created a new green garlic compound butter recipe that is sure to become your new cooking and snacking staple.

Green Garlic Compound Butter

This butter is great for sautéing spring vegetables like asparagus and fresh mushrooms, as a finishing note for steak or as an accompaniment to a crusty sourdough loaf.


1lb high quality butter

2 tbsp organic olive oil

1 bunch green garlic

1 tbsp freshly cracked black pepper

1 lemon, zested and juiced

2 tsp high quality sea salt

Parchment paper or plastic for wrapping


Pull out the butter from the refrigerator and leave to soften on counter top for 1-2 hours or until completely malleable.

Next rinse and remove the tougher outer leaves and root end of the green garlic. Mince the rest of the green garlic to a fine consistency. 

In a small pan, heat olive oil and add minced green garlic. Cook on low heat until soft and starting to become translucent, 1-2 minutes.

Add minced sauteed green garlic to softened butter, add 2 tsp of the lemon zest and 1 tbsp of  lemon juice, the cracked pepper and finish with salt to taste. Mix thoroughly.

Lay a piece of the parchment paper or plastic on a flat surface. Scoop the butter and twist into a log shape, evenly distributing and removing air. Twist ends and place into the refrigerator to firm then use as desired.



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