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“What makes your beef so special?”

Farmer John Bell checking cattle at Elmwood Stock Farm

So glad you asked!

But first, a bit of history. The Bell family has been breeding and raising registered Angus cattle here at Elmwood Stock Farm for generations. John Bell’s father and grandfather both sold heifers and bulls to the Central Kentucky community but as the years went on, the herd and the business grew, and there was an eventual shift to selling beef by the cut directly to customers. 

In doing so, John and Cecil wanted to be sure that the meat was of the highest quality and knew their mission was two-fold: They wanted to ensure that the best genetics were present in the herd and that the cattle were being fed a proper high energy diet required for the absolute best flavor and finish.

Enter: Wagyu. If you’ve heard of Kobe beef, it’s meat that comes from a specific lineage of Japanese Wagyu cattle raised in the Hyogo region of Japan. The meat is known for its exceptional buttery flavor and tenderness, traits that John and Cecil knew they wanted to capture. They also knew that feeding and finishing the cattle with grasses and forages only (as in no grain) would be the best way to protect the health of the herd as well as make a more nutritious meat.  

After much trial and error, fast forward to today where we are now proud to say that we’ve arrived at a superior beef-eating experience unlike any other.

So here’s what makes our beef so special: Each and every cut we sell is now Wagyu-Angus beef and our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished on certified organic pastures as part of our rotational grazing program. They are never, ever fed grain and don’t need to be – the marbling and fat content that we’ve achieved from our careful cross-breeding makes for a well-balanced flavor all on its own. We also dry age all of our beef (including our ground beef and deli cuts!) for that steakhouse touch.

If it sounds like we’re gushing, that’s because we’re very proud of our Wagyu-Angus beef and can’t wait for you and your family to try it! We truly believe that you can taste the difference.

Check out some of our new organic, 100% grass-fed Wagyu-Angus beef bundles below or shop our entire selection here.

Treat yourself to the best! This Prime Beef bundle offers a selection of our USDA Prime grade organic steaks, including petite filet mignon and New York strip steaks.

We often advise people to try three cuts of meat when trying certified organic, 100% grass-fed Elmwood Stock Farm Wagyu-Angus beef for the first time: steak, roasts, and ground beef. This sampler has all three!

This meat bundle is perfect for those who like easy, delicious meals in the slow cooker or instant pot and includes brisket, chuck/shoulder roast and more.

Sample some of our delicious sausages, like chorizo and merguez, all made with our certified organic, 100% grass-fed Wagyu-Angus beef.

This meat bundle features our most kid-friendly favorites that you can feel good about serving, including beef franks and ground beef patties.

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