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Turkey News

The cooler nights recently have me thinking about fall holidays and our turkeys, as they’re nearly ready for harvest, and we’re already taking your preorders on the

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In Living Color

Flash, as he later came to be known, dropped from the sky one fine summer day, and hung around for years. We were the beneficiaries

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To Market, To Market

If you’ve ever wondered what all goes into one of your favorite weekend pastimes, the farmer’s market, you can begin this conceptual journey mid-week, Wednesday

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Farmer John Bell at Elmwood Stock Farm on a tractor

Analyzing Chores vs Work

There’s Always Plenty to Do  Each winter, more and more individuals who found us the previous summer brave the elements to shop with us at

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Staff loading a delivery van

We Are Hiring!

We’re currently looking for a couple of all-stars to join our team! Do you love good food and making people happy? We have you covered.

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Heritage Turkeys, from Egg to Thanksgiving

The heritage turkey hens laid their eggs, and we hatched them in the incubator, back in the springtime. They’ve been living on our rolling pastures since coming out of the brooder barn at a few weeks of age. This represents the essence of farmer optimism: turn an egg into the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast, and have some fun while doing it.

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How to Extend Your Local Eating Season

Now that we have an online store, a Fall CSA Farm Share and a Winter CSA Farm Share, we take the responsibility of producing food year-round more seriously. Here as the days get shorter, growing into the colder months is on our minds.

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